Rays diary entry after day 2…

Well day 2 started ok, Paul was only 20 min late which is better than expected. We arranged to meet Jo for breakfast at Five Rivers which Paul “googled” and said it was 35 kms but it turned out to be 50km (never trust the internet…or Paul…or maybe never trust Paul using the internet). This leg went well and I was happy with how I felt after the previous day. We had the biggest breakfast on the menu, which was the Five Rivers Big Breakfast – eggs, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, sausages, tomatoes, and ciabatta with relish, which was super good.

With our belly’s full we said goodbye to Jo and headed away; after 10 kms we meet Guy Carter who had ridden from Queenstown to give us some help. It wasn’t long before I was wandering if this was a good thing; sitting between 32 to 34 kph into a head wind and my heart rate was getting up to 150bpm. Luckily Guy calmed down a little when we struck a head wind, we were still pushing hard but slowed to 26km an hour. Kingston was our stop for lunch, the food and coffee was pretty average but it was a nice surprise to find the wind had dropped quite a bit when we got going again.

I don’t know what Paul had at lunch (or maybe he had double dosed his Tumeric powder) but he got into lapping it out with Guy which turned into a a race for the 10kms before Frankton. I got dropped serval times and was really struggling. It was a relief when Guy turned off at Kelvin heights and Paul settled down to an easier pace and an even bigger relief to arrive at our hotel to have a spa and shower.

Day 2 done and dusted.
Tomorrow is another big day that will be even harder than today, we head over the Crown Range and finish in Makaroa.

286km completed – 963km to go