Dear Diary,

Well today has been amazing! We rolled out of Makaroa 8:55am, according to Paul he was late because it was cool but those of you that know him will know how much he fluffs around. As we went to leave 3 Asian ladies came over to check us and our bikes out which was really funny as you can see from the photos. One was rubbing the back of my shorts and said “good quality ” I’m not sure if she was talking about the fabric or………something else??

Once we got going it felt quite easy which was a sign that I’m feeling better and starting to adapt to the kilometres that we are doing. It was only 17kms to the top of the Haast Pass and we started our descent towards the coast. Down hill with our first tailwind and beautiful scenery, it felt like cycling heaven. It wasn’t long before we arrived at Haast township for lunch. Fish and chips salad and coffee, perfect!

Back on our bikes for another 50kms along the coast and still a tailwind. Before long we arrived at our accommodation at Lake Paringa Lodge. Our host welcomed has and invited us to a home cooked dinner with other guests that are here getting ready for whitebait session.

552km done and dusted – 697km till the finish

Over and out.