Day 5 start was nice and easy, only 94kms to ride today so no pressure. Because Paul is racing in Nelson next week I thought it would be best that he treat today like a recovery day so I spent all day on the front to look after him. First stop was after 7km to have breakfast and coffee at the Paringa Salmon farm. If you’ve never visited, you gotta go and try their salmon chowder its amazing!


Next stop was going to be a coffee cart at Bruce’s Bay but it wasn’t open so after a chat to some fishermen about eBikes we carried on to Fox Glacier for lunch. We were heading into another head wind but Paul didn’t notice it tucked in behind me. After another awesome lunch of deep-fried goodness we set out again to get over the hill to Franz Josef, only 24 km but all hills! I couldn’t ride slow enough for Paul so I decided to hit the local bar and had a beer while waiting for him to arrive.

Once fully hydrated we found some accommodation and now waiting for a massage, I think I’ll treat myself to the Lomi-Lomi Polynesian massage!
We are planning to get to Hokitika tomorrow which is a little further than our original plan.

646km clocked – 603km left!