Ray’s Diary Day 6

Well we woke to a beautiful west coast day and were on our bikes at 7:50am.  While I was riding I was thinking that I wouldn’t have much to report today, we were ticking off the kms pretty quick and easy. Nek minute we got hit with a strong head cross wind, Paul got blown across the road in front of me, it’s the first time this trip that my extra 30kgs was an advantage. I went to the front and ended up dropping to 15kph and my heart rate steadily rising. With being 27 kms into 149km day I was thinking to myself that it’s going to be a long gruelling day *sigh*.

It wan’t long before we stopped for breakfast and coffee at Whataroa. The food was good but the coffee was not very good. Back on the bikes and fighting with the wind again but luckily we were in and out of it so made ok progress. Next stop a really nice cafe with awesome coffee at Hari Hari, yes we had 2 coffees there. So far 64km completed and another 43 kms to Ross for lunch and a beer. From Ross we went on the Wilderness Trail to Hokitika which was 37kms, the trail was pretty good but I did get another puncture when I hit a bridge a little fast. Total 144kms for the day.

790km complete – 462km’s to go