Day 7 – Ray

We decided last night not to ride anymore of the wilderness trail because it wasn’t really suitable for our road bikes. By doing this it has cut about 60km off our total distance. Then Paul got in his head that he wanted to ride 200km and for some crazy reason I agreed.

So we left at 7:15 to ride the 40km to Greymouth for breakfast. We had a nice little tailwind to start with so was making good progress until about 10km away from Greymouth it turned on us. After breakfast it was still a headwind and we were hoping to make it to Reefton for lunch. Luckily after about 15km we were back with a tailwind which stayed with us the rest of the day, YES!! I went through a bad patch about 20km from Reefton and couldn’t take my turn on the front.

The owner of cafe in Reefton, Broadway Tearooms and Bakery was intrigued with what we were doing and shouted us a coffee and the food was awesome. Back on our bikes to head to Murchison. This part of the trip went really well and we rolled into Murchison an hour earlier than our schedule so we were very happy.

203km at 27.4 kph average speed and 2 days ahead of schedule! – Feeling Awesome!

993km’s down – 259km’s left (WOOHOO)