Day 9 – Final day!

I was really disappointed to not sleep very well last night, I woke up very tired and worn out (maybe it was the excitement that it was the last day of our adventure, maybe it was all the coffee’s, or Paul’s snoring??). Luckily we only have a short ride today starting with 10km down hill.

We got started about 10am and it was very cold descending Takaka Hill. I was still feeling lousy and struggling along into the headwind. First stop was Takaka township for a quick coffee! Back on our bikes and heading for Collingwood where we stopped for some food; This section was up and down and hard to get into a rhythm.

After Collingwood it was a lot flatter and the wind dropped a little. Better still my body seemed more willing now. To get to the most Northern point (Farewell Spit) we had to ride 6km of gravel road which was very rough. I got my 3rd puncture of the trip; all 3 were on gravel roads or tracks.

We finally got there and we were both very happy to have completed our adventure that we have been talking about for years! Parts of this ride were totally outside my comfort zone which makes it feel even better to have completed it.

We were very lucky with the good weather and the fact that we have finished 2 days early means we will miss the storm that is about to hit over here.

Total distance 1264km
Total time 49hrs 45min
Total metres climbed 9962
Average speed 25.4

Paul and I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement. Until next adventure, this is Ray signing out.