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Come and have some fun in the mud, everyone is welcome and you don’t need a cyclocross bike to enter!

Matt Dunstan claims “The most fun on two wheels!”

To register – click on the following link – Cyclocross Registration Form
Children under 12 get free entry, for everyone else $10 entry fee.
Sign in is between 12-12.30 with a 1pm race start.

Also, make sure to bring some extra cash for the coffee cart!

Got Questions about Cyclocross?
Sweet! We’ve Got Answers.

What is cyclocross?

Also known as CX or just ‘cross, it’s a form of bike racing usually held in the autumn and winter. CX consists of many laps of a short course featuring tarseal or concrete, trails, grass, steep hills. There are also obstacles requiring the rider to dismount and carry the bike. Races are generally about an hour long.


What type of bike can I use?

You can race our series on any kind of bike – we have sections for mountain bikes and even single speeds.

Proper CX bikes look like road bikes – they have drop handlebars, narrow tyres and are lightweight but the tyres have more tread, the frames have clearance for mud and they are lower geared.


What should I wear?

Whatever you like, just something please – it’s a family event after all (and winter).

Helmets are compulsory.


How long does the race go for?

Our races are generally 45 minutes to an hour long depending on the course.


When does a race end?

After the predetermined amount of time has passed the race officials wait for the leader of the race to pass through the finish line then everybody does one more lap after that. The officials will ring a bell as everyone passes the finish line so they know they have one more lap to go.


Who wins?

The winner of each category is the rider who completed the most number of laps in the quickest time.


What happens if I get lapped?


While professional racers overseas get pulled out of the race before they get lapped we’re not that mean here, everyone carries on racing until after the final bell and last lap – this means we all finish within a few minutes of each other. Your result will have a number of laps and a time.


What categories are there?

Junior under 8s

Junior 8-12

CX Mens Open

CX Mens Masters 1

CX Mens Masters 2

CX Mens Masters 3

CX Womens Open

CX Womens Masters 1

CX Womens Masters 2

CX Womens Masters 3

CX Junior Mens Under 16

CX Junior Mens Under 18

CX Junior Womens Under 16

CX Junior Womens Under 18

Mountain Bike Mens

Mountain Bike Womens

Single Speed Mens

Single Speed Womens


Does everyone race at the same time?

We currently have separate junior races before the adults racing.

All other categories will race together unless we have too many competitors for the course or officials then we will split into grades.


What if I get a mechanical?

If you get a mechanical you must continue around the course on foot to a designated pit area where you can repair your bike (or grab a spare bike or wheel) and carry on. You can continue on foot to the finish line and your lap will be counted in the results or you can pull off the course and pull out of the race (making sure to let the officials know)


Do I have to have a beard to race?

Your face will love you for it as it can be a bit chilly out but no it’s not compulsory!












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