NOW HIRING – October 2018

Do you want to work in the best bike shop in the country? Cycle World has a fantastic community that starts with our team and extends to our riders. We are the first choice [...]

Troy Lee Designs LTD Kenevo

Troy Lee Designs LTD Kenevo When you thought Specialized couldn't make the Kenevo any cooler....and they they bought this out! We have 2 of these pimpin' bikes in stock, so if you want to [...]

DCC 10 year plan submission – Cycling/Mountain biking

Mountain Bike Action Group: Submission to the 2018 DCC Long Term Plan MBAG_Submission Cycle World supports the submission of the Mountain Bike Action Group. As a rate-paying business we believe we could be doing [...]

Paul & Ray’s South Island Adventure – Day 9

Day 9 - Final day! I was really disappointed to not sleep very well last night, I woke up very tired and worn out (maybe it was the excitement that it was the last day [...]

Paul & Ray’s South Island Adventure – Day 8

Day 8 The forecast was for a frost today so we planned to leave between 8:30am-9am. We were also aware that the first 40km were dangerous with high traffic flow and very narrow roads. The start [...]

Paul & Ray’s South Island Adventure – Day 7

Day 7 - Ray We decided last night not to ride anymore of the wilderness trail because it wasn't really suitable for our road bikes. By doing this it has cut about 60km off our [...]