Project Description

Aimee Lai

Devoted mountain biker, Aimee works relentlessly on and off her bike “Princess Bubble Gum” to ensure females of all ages in our local community are out riding and loving their bikes as much as she does! Aimee volunteers her spare time by leading women’s group rides all year-round and also at other Dunedin downhill/enduro events. You can taste her passion for bikes in her in-store coffees – come and pop in store for a chat and a cuppa!

During our annual family holiday up in Wanaka; the place we always stayed had an old rickety tandem bike, which all 3 of us kids constantly wanted to ride. My poor dad would spend hours giving us all turns on the back even though none of us were tall enough to help with the pedalling. When it was my turn, all I remember is me squealing with fear and excitement and dad yelling at me “Stop turning the handlebars!” – It took me a while to realise that the handlebars were attached to his saddle.
This is a really hard question! There are too many places to choose from, Queenstown, Whistler, Wanaka, Rotorua, Christchurch oh and of course Dunedin! I love them all!
The challenge! No matter how good you are or how long you’ve been riding for, there is always something new to try, a skill to work on, or a different trail to explore.
I’ve given all of them a go, but MTB is definitely the winner, followed by CX (considering its pretty much mountain biking on a road bike).
Signal Hill would definitely be high on the list, but at the moment I am loving Nicols! The view from the top and the long descent to the bottom, definitely makes all that pedalling uphill worth it.
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