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Bryan & Ronel

Let’s get acquainted with these CX Characters

Nickname/s: I had a number when I was younger as I had a lot of nasty friends but nothing seems to stick these days.

Age: I turn 65 in a few weeks, but currently I’m 28ish and at the top of my game.

Occupation: I manage a Day Activity Centre with my partner Kay. The centre provides recreation programmes for adults with high support needs. We set it up in 1992 and it is still great fun working there.

How long you’ve been living in Dunedin? I was born and grew up here but I then worked in Australia and other parts of NZ. Kay and I returned to Dunedin about 30 years ago and we brought up our might son’s Sam and Tim. We now have a grandson, the super cute Lenny.

How long have you been riding a bike for? I started about 10 years ago when my cyclist older brother forced me to do a long road trip with him. I really enjoy training and racing and have done a lot of road, track, mountain bike and cyclocross events since the first trip. I race exclusively single speed now. This September I am going to the Australian Single Speed Champs in Tathra NSW with my brother. He and I went to the World SS Champs a couple of years ago and we had a ball!

Favourite bike that you own and why? My titanium rigid single speed mountain bike. It is strong, simple and light. It’s quite shiny too.

Favourite CX course? That would be Waiora Scout Camp which at it’s muddiest is a thing of beauty. But really, all the courses are fantastic! Thanks to the dedicated Cycle World Team. Each event is full of laughs, with new terrors and triumphs at every turn.

What do you think about when you are in the hurt box? I just carry on thinking about bikes and buying bike stuff as I do the rest of the time. When it gets really hard I focus on my optimal cadence and breathing control and buying lighter more expensive bike stuff.

Nickname/s: The Grumpy Dwarf called me “Angry Dwarf” once, don’t know why because I always smile.

Age: 43

Occupation: Programme Coordinator at Moana Pool

How long you’ve been living in Dunedin? 9 years

How long have you been riding a bike for? I got my first real bike in 2009, I didn’t ride it much. I then got serious about racing in 2014.

Favourite bike that you own and why? They are all special! The MTB I’m enjoying most is my Niner Air Carbon hard tail. But then I went cycle touring on my Norco XR Steel gravel bike and fell in love with cycle touring. So, it’s too hard to choose.

Favourite CX course? Waiora Scout Camp! It’s muddy, slippery, challenging and lots of laughs.

What do you think about when you are in the hurt box? When I’m racing and hurting while trying to pass someone the song Attack by System of a Down always pops up in my mind. Or I just count pedal strokes to 20 a few times until the pain goes away.

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