Project Description

Cam Gardiner

From the rural Dunedin suburb of Outram comes Cam, our youngest member of the Cycle World Team. Cam started here as the “Shop Grom” working part-time after school, but has recently come on-board full-time as our Junior Shop Assistant. What he lacks in age, he makes up for with his no-fear mindset. If you don’t see Cam playing on his Enduro up Signal, you will find him on his Crux covered head to toe in mud!.

I first jumped on a bike on my 2nd birthday with my family. Riding back and forth along the front of the house.
Well generally anywhere dry and dusty has the seal of approval from me, but it would have to be signal hill right here in Dunners, I just can’t stay away. However I’m stoked to explore more of what the country has to offer as far as trails and bike parks go.
I love riding because it allows me to get outside, explore, challenge myself and mates as well as be totally in the moment and just focus on the present and riding my bike.
For me I think mountain will always take the cake but ‘cross would have to be a close second, then road.
My favourite local ride would have to be “the classic” to kick off some shuttles or on a trail ride up signal. Riding the big easy on my ‘cross bike is always a good time, as is riding from out on the Taieri over to Brighton and back.
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