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Let’s get acquainted with these CX Characters

Nicknames: There have been a few, the one that has stuck is – Hendo. Not that exciting but it is at least repeatable.

Age: 46, but I think to do CX you need to be more of a 21 year old on the inside.

Occupation: Detective

How long have you been living in Dunedin? Since 2004, Dunedin is home to my wife and in 04 we moved here and now we are well and truly ensconced.

How long have you been riding a bike for? Since I was a wee nipper, but I only took cycling up as a sport about 5 years ago.

Favourite bike that you own & why? Specialized Epic Evo – because it is a way better bike than I am a rider and so it makes me look good!

Favourite CX course? They are all pretty cool but the Velodrome course was a bit different and great fun!

What do you think about when you are in the hurt box? The finish line.


Age: 14

Year & School: Year 9 at Columba College

Favourite subject at school & why? Science because it’s fun. You find out so much and it’s relevant. I like all the domains and the variety of work we cover – also I’m good at it!

How long have you been riding a bike for? 14 years – My first bike was a yellow and red Triang that Mum said I was riding from 8 months, before I could walk. Apparently I could navigate and reverse anywhere I needed around the house and it was faster than crawling!

What do you love about CX? Its MUDDY!

Favourite CX course? Signal Hill – because it was MUDDY and had a BIG hill. 

Who cleans the bikes after a CX race? My brothers, Dad and I all clean the bikes although I always seem to get the wettest!

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