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Danny Smith

Our international Mechanic Danny, hails from the dense evergreen woods of the Black Forest in Germany. You could say that Danny is a well-seasoned traveller who has been everywhere and seen it all; cycle touring Europe, North America and South East Asia to kayaking for 3 months down the second longest river in Europe. But after all his travels he fell in love with the “Land of the Long White Cloud”. Danny’s mechanical skills and knowledge have no boundaries, whatever the problem, he will find a solution.

It all started with a BMX that was handed down to me from my older brother. Ever since my friends and I were out exploring the nearby forests, and expanded our little horizons. Following the unknown trails until either the setting sun or our growling tummies made us cycle home just to dream of another day filled with adventures.
The Black forest has pretty amazing trails to offer and so does the West Coast of British Colombia, but my favourite stomping grounds are the single tracks of Central Otago.
I love the simplicity of it all! Oneself, a bike and a trail is all you need. Riding bikes fills me with joy and help me find the inner peace and contentment I seek in life.
Mountain, Touring and Polo
Signal Hill is my hill of choice, but I also enjoy a casual cruise around the Peninsula!
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