Project Description

Greg Bouwer

Single Speed King, and Shop Hipster Greg has a passion for all things cycling. His love of the outdoors and offroad, means he is a wealth of knowledge and practical advice. If you want to get into Single Speed he is the one to talk too!

A long time ago.  Pretty sure I was 2 or 3, at home in the garden in SA.  Went down a big hill (or so it seemed at the time) and crashed spectacularly.  After the inevitable tears, I got back up and did it again.  And again….
No real favourite place, really.  
Just love riding.  It all depends on the bike I have with me, where I am, etc etc.
MTB first, then CX, then ‘adventure’. Road last.
Anything with single track.  Some days that means something as simple as Sullivans Dam on the way home, other days Signal!
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