Project Description

Lucas & Nik

Let’s get acquainted with these CX Characters

Lucas: 22

Nik: 27

Lucas: Banker

Nik: Motorcycle Parts Wizard

Lucas: Only 2 years, Im a refugee of Auckland

Nik: My whole life

Lucas: Got my first “proper” bike 5 years ago

Nik: Since age 2, but as a hobby for about 4 years

Lucas: That would have to be my enduro bike, it’s my do everything bike until I can get my way and have a bike for everything!

Nik: How do you tell your children that ones the favourite?  My Pivot Firebird enduro bike for Summer race season and my CX bike in Winter.

Lucas: Last year was the scout camp for sure but this season so far is Seddon Park

Nik: Emerson’s, (definitely not because of the proximity to cold beer) or The Velodrome was also heaps of fun

Lucas: Beer mostly….

Nik: I’m generally singing 90s one-hit wonders in my head, or how I need a Lance Armstrong supplement plan.

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