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Chris & Warwick

Let’s get acquainted with these CX Characters

Nicknames: Wazza, or The Human Torch

Age: 37

Occupation: Architectural Designer at McLaren Architecture Design

How long have you been living in Dunedin? 19 years

How long have you been riding a bike for? Since I learnt as a child.

Favourite bike that you own & why? That’s a hard one, I enjoy them all, but the one that always stands out is my S-Works Epic, custom built by Josh at Cycle World. So capable and yet so light.

Favourite CX course? Has to be the Scout Camp, tough, yet rewarding and so muddy, normally.

What do you think about when you are in the hurt box? I always try to think about positive things and never acknowledge the pain. Our new son, Archie, is my current happy thought, to chase away any negative thinking, in the pain cave.

Nickname/sFather O’Leary

Age: 53 and beginning to lose count

Occupation: Brewer

How long you’ve been living in Dunedin? 13 years

How long have you been riding a bike for? 3 years

Favourite bike that you own and why? Yeti SB5- 27.5 wheels and great geometry – so much fun, agile and keeps me on my toes – the SB5 brought the fun back into riding for me after plenty of long XC miles on a 29er XC bike and unfortunately plenty of lost weekend training. These days it’s more about loving riding with mates on great trails on Siggy and in Naseby and a few long stories to share post ride!

Favourite CX course? Yesterday’s Emerson’s CX course – its fast, the Belgian circle is awesome fun, and getting together with everyone at the brewery is a real highlight! Closely followed by The Scout Camp on a sunny dry day!

What do you think about when you are in the hurt box? 3 things in roughly the following order –

  1. How can I inflict the same hurt to the most evilest of evil course designers, Greg Bouwer?
  2. Have I timed it perfectly to be just behind Jeremy, Warwick and Andy as the last lap bell sounds?
  3. And finally I think about Warwick….he’s such a handsome beast, how could you not?
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