Project Description

Viet Tieu

Mosgiel local Viet, had been living in Jasper a small town in heart of the Canadian Rockies. During his time there he has explored various trails, from Alaska to the single tracks of the Himalayas in Nepal. After 7 years he finally decided it was time to leave the land of “Loonies, Toonies and Timmys” to return to the place where his love of biking began, Dunedin! Viet is the newest member to join the CW Crew as our Ride Consultant. With his vast knowledge on cycling and travel, he can also help you discover your very own riding adventure.

My earliest memory of riding a bike was at the age of 4. Lapping up the St Marys netball courts out in Mosgiel with the other local kids.
Somewhere deep in the backcountry, like the Old Ghost Road with endless alpine views. I enjoy the challenge of a technical climb and having a long single track descent, it makes all the suffering worth-while.
The sense of adventure; exploring unknown trails with friends new and old.
All of the above… as long as it has 2 wheels and pedals, you can’t really go wrong.
You can’t beat the views on the summit of Signal, especially on a night ride. Dunedin it’s a biker’s gem!
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