Day 8

The forecast was for a frost today so we planned to leave between 8:30am-9am. We were also aware that the first 40km were dangerous with high traffic flow and very narrow roads. The start was so hard! cold, slightly up hill, head wind, and very tired legs. It was a relief to get away from the main traffic flow after 40kms and the body was starting to feel better.

It was 75km in when we found the first coffee shop which was a relief because Paul was needing one. After a short break we got going again, making our way to Motueka which was where we planned to finish for the day. While getting some food in Motueka we decided it would be good to climb Takaka hill today so off we went. We climbed at a slow but steady pace and made it to the top ok then headed back down the hill.
We completed another big day, 187km and only about 80km to go to finish our journey.

1180kms Completed – 72km and we are DONE!

Ray out!