Being comfortable on your bike is of the highest priority for us at Cycle World. We believe everyone’s bike should fit them like a glove. So no matter if you commute to work for ten minutes a day or do hundreds of kms a month, you deserve the proper fit to make your time on your bike even more special.



We use the Specialized Body Geometry (BG) Fit System, which combined with the Body Geometry Products give you the most comprehensive system for connecting bike and rider in perfect harmony.

Simply put, the BG ergonomically designed and scientifically tested products, which are the saddle, gloves, shoes and footbeds, allow us to customise the three contact points between you and your bike. When those points are all fitted correctly, you can maximise power, endurance and comfort, thereby allowing you to ride faster, further and in greater comfort.
As part of that Body Geometry Fit session, our Fit Specialist Paul Gough will identify which products best enhance your experience as they relate to specific contact points. He will also look at the optimum, active riding position, because we consider the unique movements of each person and customise their bike to your natural way of riding.

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When to get a fit?

When you buy a new bike

Knowing your measurements and what suits your natural riding style will help inform you and the Cycle World Staff of which bike and size will be best for you. Once you have made your choice we can adjust your new purchase to fit you like a glove.


When setting new goals

When you are working towards a race or new goals you will increase the time you spend on your bike. This can lead to injury if your bike is not set up properly. A proper bike fit can reduce this chance and help you increase efficiency and power as you up those kms.

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Option One

Bike Sizing – we check saddle height and adjustment and handlebar position. This takes up to an hour and is $100

Option Two

Retul Fit – This is a 3hr process and the price is $350. Plus $100 per extra bike.

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Option Three

Ultimate Retul Fit – Utilising the Retul three-dimensional motion capture system to gather the measurements dynamically and recording the end position using the same technology for future records or adjustments. You will also go out riding with the Retul Fit Specialist. This is a 3 – 4hr process and the price is $450 + $100 per extra bike.